About Us

OSA core members visiting the University of San Francisco with KT Waxman



Educators collaborating for excellence in simulation.


The Ontario Simulation Alliance (OSA) supports nurse educators in the integration of simulation for teaching and learning across settings to advance the patient safety agenda. The OSA serves as a forum for collaboration, partnership and networking throughout the province of Ontario and beyond.

Strategic Priorities

To mentor nurse educators in the development of clinical simulation scenarios that will be used to prepared nurses to provide high quality, safe care for high-risk clinical situations, vulnerable populations and in the context of interdisciplinary teams.

Enhanced student experience, job readiness and patient safety competencies

To enhance faculty expertise in evidence-based simulation teaching and learning.

To develop a standardized teaching process for the redesigned courses.

To achieve faculty efficiencies through the sharing of simulation scenarios between nursing education institutions.

To develop strategies to promote the development, application and dissemination of simulation research.

To support a continuum of research activities to assist and sustain research among nurse educators.

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