This section provides information related to current research focusing on virtual gaming/augmented reality/serious games.  If you have any current research that would be appropriate for this list, please forward to

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                                Published Articles

Verkuyl, M., Atack, L., McCulloch, T., Lui, L., Betts, L., Lapum, J.L., Hughes, M., Mastrilli, P. &  Romaniuk, D. (2018).   Comparison of Debriefing Methods Following a Virtual Simulation: An Experiment. Journal of Clinical Simulation in Nursing. Doi: 10.1016/j.ecns.2018.03.002.  To obtain the  article available by open access, click here

Verkuyl, M., Lapum, J. L., Hughes, M., McCulloch, T., Liu, L., Mastrilli, P., Romaniuk, D. & Betts, L. (2018). Virtual Gaming Simulation: Exploring Self, Virtual and In-person Debriefing. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 20, 7-14. To obtain the article available by open access, click here 

Verkuyl, M., Romaniuk, D. & Mastrilli, P. (2018). Virtual Gaming Simulation of a Mental Health Assessment: A usability study. Nurse Education in Practice 18(31), 83-87.

Verkuyl, M., Lapum, J., St-Amant, O., Betts, L., Hughes, M. (2017). An Exploration of Debriefing in Virtual Simulation. Journal of Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 13(11), 591–594. DOI:

Verkuyl, M., Romaniuk, D., Atack, L., & Mastrilli, P. (2017). A virtual gaming
simulation for pediatric nursing care: An experiment. Journal of
Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 139 (5), 238–244.  

Verkuyl, M. & Mastrilli, P. (2017). Virtual Simulations in Nursing Education: A
Scoping Review. Journal of Nursing & Health Sciences 3(2), 39-47.

Verkuyl, M., Atack, L., Mastrilli, P., & Romaniuk, D. (2016). Virtual gaming to develop students’ pediatric nursing skills: A usability test. Nurse Education Today, 46, 81-85.

Secco, M.L., Bulman, D., & Wilson, K. (2013). Pilot Evaluation of a Virtual Clinical Excursion (VCE) Among Senior Nursing Students: Part I Quantitative Findings, Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, 7(3/4),

Secco, M.L., Bulman, D., & Wilson, K. (2013). Pilot Evaluation of a Virtual Clinical Excursion (VCE) Among Senior Nursing Students: Part II Qualitative Findings, Canadian Journal of
Nursing Informatics, 7(3/4)

Book Chapters

Luctkar-Flude, M. (In progress). Simulation approaches. In P. Bradley & K.        Page-Cutrara (Eds.). Becoming a Nurse Educator in Canada. Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN): Ottawa.

 Luctkar-Flude, M., Pulling, C., Larocque, M., Flude, S., & Yorke, J. (2013). Evaluating a virtual intravenous pump e-learning module: Effects on undergraduate nursing student confidence, satisfaction and performance. In M. Hamada (Ed.). E-Learning: New Technology Applications and Future Trends. Nova Publishers: Hauppauge NY.

Conference Presentations

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